MegaPath Wholesale Solutions

Solutions for a Wide Range of Partner Businesses

A wide range of resellers, carriers, and service providers partner with MegaPath to build their businesses.

Application Service Providers - ASPs have long used our network and services as a platform to build on. Our nationwide facilities-based network  coupled with QoS options, makes a reliable foundation that ASPs use to layer on their own applications and managed services.

Resellers - Our nationwide facilities-based network enables us to offer competitive pricing due to our low cost structure. Our Connect partner portal, flexible pricing options, and partner training programs enable resellers to increase their market influence without increasing staff size.

LECs and CLECs - Our network can be used to extend a LEC’s market presence beyond the physical borders of its network. Our robust set of aggregation (backhaul) services allow LECs to serve previously unreachable markets but handle the IP traffic as if it were on their own network.

MSOs – Cable operators can leverage our expansive nationwide network as a way to increase market penetration without having to take on the complexity of operating a telco-based network. Whether used as a “fill in” service or even as a way to enter new markets, our network serves as a complementary offering to an MSO’s existing footprint.

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