MegaPath Wholesale Products: Aggregation Services

Aggregation Services: ATM, L2 Gigabit Ethernet, L3 NNI, MPLS ICI, and IP Backhaul

Expand revenue opportunities, better manage costs and gain more control over the end user experience through MegaPath Aggregation Services

MegaPath Aggregation Services—ATM, L2 Gigabit Ethernet, L3 NNI, MPLS ICI, and IP Backhaul—provide customers with a highly scalable platform to integrate and extend the boundaries and capacity of their networks for a more cohesive service offering and to open up additional sources of revenue within strategic regions, or nationwide. Customers gain better control over their costs through the consolidation of disparate network resources. All MegaPath Aggregation Services include an automated customer portal for service ordering, administration, and management for increased control of the overall end user experience.

Layer 2–Gigabit Ethernet

Layer 2–Gigabit Ethernet Aggregation Service provides a solution to augment or upgrade existing ATM Aggregation Services or to establish a highly scalable alternative for delivering an end-to-end Layer 2 service offering across the entire MegaPath nationwide network.


MegaPath MPLS ICI (Inter-Carrier Interconnection) allows customers to consolidate or expand disparate MPLS networks into a single cohesive nationwide MPLS service offering.

IP Backhaul

MegaPath IP Backhaul enables customers to bypass the public internet for greater control in delivering quality-sensitive services such as voice and video.

Layer 3 NNI

MegaPath Layer 3 NNI Aggregation Service provides a private IP domain across the entire MegaPath nationwide footprint and end user access services to provide more control over end user IP service offerings.


Widely available DS3 and OC3 Aggregation Services allow customers to start out at the lower end of the Aggregation Service bandwidth spectrum to test a market or to establish a footprint that can easily grow over time.

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