Wholesale Network

The MegaPath National Network

MegaPath is a nationwide, facilities-based provider of wholesale data and security services with interconnect options to partner networks at multiple locations throughout the United States. This carrier grade network delivers high performance and facilitates convergence through a number of core components: 10Gbps SONET/Optical Transport and a resilient IP/MPLS core, supported by robust value add services. This scalable network is the foundation for MegaPath services to both Wholesale and Commercial customers alike.

With an advanced network services integration layer and application level awareness, MegaPath has engineered performance into the network design so that wholesale customers are able to provide a differentiating experience for voice, video, and data application services. Serving 240 metro markets throughout the United States, MegaPath offers high-speed Ethernet, T1, Bonded T1, and DSL access options with dedicated circuits providing a best-fit solution for business customers. Optimized for voice and security, the MegaPath network is a privately managed network that provides last mile connection, multi-layered security, and redundancy. The result is one of the largest, nationwide broadband services platforms that can be leveraged to deliver revenue-generating services.


   National Backbone

Network Map




Network Facts (as of September 2013):

  • Carrier-class network equipment to support industry-leading SLAs and service provider interconnects
  • MPLS-enabled, all-optical network; control plane and data plane separation
  • Nationwide reach services more than 240 major metropolitan markets
  • 4,200+ COs to reach 11 million businesses; plus over 18,000 additional Central Offices available off-net
  • Metro capacity up to OC 192
  • 10 GB national IP backbone
  • 85 hubs
  • 29 POPs
  • Transit and peering reaching over 100 internet backbones and content provider/portals
  • Supports IP voice, data, and security services for small, medium, and enterprise businesses
  • Single POP routing optimization
  • Fully meshed IP backbone allows for ‘single hop’ domestically
  • Variety of Layer 2 and Layer 3 handoff options

24 / 7 / 365 Network Support

The Network Operations Center (NOC) provides world-class network monitoring and management. MegaPath's expert NOC team is always there to schedule and coordinate preventative maintenance, enable infrastructure activations, provide immediate support for network and service delivery issues, and track problems through resolutions.

Continued Investment

MegaPath continues to invest in the network to meet both industry needs for today and tomorrow, specifically in the area of Ethernet, voice, managed security, and cloud services. For example, the introduction of MegaPath's Ethernet over Copper service is driving the overall network transformation towards Ethernet. In addition to the focus on Ethernet, the network continues to offer the flexibility to allow expansion of the current access portfolio. MegaPath is committed to serving the long-term needs of its wholesale partners and commercial customers alike.

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